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jae hee has a girlfriend !!!

here are some pics from infos about jae hee having a gf...

i got it from '' and it says

one of jae hee's fan went to todai(i think it's the restaurant name) in Dae-Chi-Dong(area name)
and saw jae hee who was wearing beanie and his girl friend..

she looks 'Sa Hee' from the old program 'MBC Du kun Du Kun'
and at that time, jae hee was also in that program..

so they might fell in love at that time~

the fan says jae hee and his girl friend were holding each other's hand all the time..
and they looked very happy couple~

above message taken from kors of soompi


r u guys sure that was him?And who is that girl?is she an actress?how old is she?

O.O! Hmmm. Well, I won't say anything until it's confirmed or released. Because it 'is' his personal life. =]

looking at the pic, it's not very convincing. I can't even see jae hee's face.

Hmm... I think it is good... because I want him to be happy...
If he is happy - it is ok for me ;D

yeah jae hee is entitled to have a special someone just like everybody lets give him a chance to be happy...besides if he is inspired then it will transpired in his works....thus making fans happier...

Oh...It's hurt for me. T_T But If Jae hee happy,I'll happy too.

If he's happy, He's happy and I'm happy as long as he keeps on producing great material hihihihi

I thought he loved me..!! XD Omgssh, she is pretty though. >_< Sad

these pictures are not very convincing but if the report is true, i'm very happy for our oppa!! i guess he would be more inspired with his career and work harder..! i would not believe it though, unless he confirms it.. Very Happy

hi chengkeeee...nice to see you here !!!

yeah its hard to see if it is 100% accurate but nevertheless...jae hee's happiness comes first ...

lil chengkee, dont be sad, dont be broken hearted okiii?

even if i'm jelous jae hee deserves to be happy. Forum Index -> Jae Hee
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